Carrying on a legacy

Carrying on a legacy
Carrying on a legacy.
I'll admit it. When I first started Blackrock, I wanted flashy press from GQ. I hoped to receive a shoutout from an influencer that would catapult growth.
This was the wrong mentality.
Now I realize feedback like this is the most important influencer a company can have. A satisfied customer that loves your product and leaves a positive review.
As I grew older, I realized how special it is to be making a product following my grandfather's recipe. With each jar, I am carrying on his legacy.
Making a product that people use to carry on their own family legacy is fulfilling. I'm grateful to be able to do this.
Lately, I've stopped worrying about the other stuff. There's enough distraction and noise in the world. My focus is to get our product into people's hand. Even if it's building relationships one by one. It may be less sexy and take longer but it is much more fulfilling.
Thank you for your support.