Leather Chair Restoration

Last spring, I helped restore a leather chair that was over 20 years old using a jar of Blackrock.

Over time, leather, like our own skin, will dry out and need to be moisturized to prevent drying and cracking. This chair was no different. It was dried out and had lost the luster it once had.

The chair also had plenty of scratches from pets and heavy use. The photo below shows the difference after applying one coat of Blackrock.

The life has been restored returning the color the leather once had and the scratches have been covered up. 

How many jars?

This particular chair was really dried out since it had not been conditioned in over 20 years and it took 1.5 jars of Blackrock

leather chair restoration

Watch the video to see how easy it is to apply Blackrock to a leather chair. You can order a jar here.

Restore your goods and get the most out of what you already own. ⁣⁣⁣Blackrock can help.