Østmo Boots - Made by Hand, One Pair at a Time

Over the years, my mindset towards consumption has changed. ⁣

This is particularly true with clothing. I don't view clothing as disposable. Before making a purchase, I think about the longevity, practicality, and the economics.⁣

I want to buy goods that will hold up over time and can be restored when needed. ⁣

I'd rather buy it once and buy it for life. I also like the stories of the people behind the products and learning about their dedication to their craft. ⁣

Which leads me to Østmo Boots. Lars, the maker behind Østmo Boots, is a true craftsman. Every pair is made by hand using traditional Norwegian swithdown techniques.

He makes one pair at a time and Østmo Boots are constructed to last a lifetime. ⁣

Ostmo Boots

When talented bootmakers like Lars recommend Blackrock to care for the boots they have made, I cannot think of a better endorsement. I am grateful he trusts Blackrock to be used on the boots he has spent hours making by hand. ⁣

I encourage you to head over to @ostmoboots and learn more about his quality boots. There is also an in depth interview by @stitchdown that I highly recommend! ⁣

*Disclaimer; nothing said above applies to merch at a show. I'm a sucker for a good band t-shirt (my excuse why I own 4 Tyler Childers shirts.) But hey, support the arts, right?

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