Same Day Delivery!

A few weeks ago, I jokingly told some friends I would deliver the next Nashville order I received by running it. 

blackrock same day delivery
It would be my own version of Amazon Prime same day delivery. 

Why do this? 

Our communities and human connections have been devalued by Amazon and with this business, I want to build an ecosystem that at the heart is community focused. I lose the spirit of community and human connection when I shop on Amazon.

Plus, I simply love running. 
In total, it was a 17 mile run (map route below,) but hopefully it resulted in one happy customer. 

After dropping off the order, on the way back, I decided to take the opportunity to stop at some of my favorite independent stores in Nashville.
Stores that, for me, are vital in order to have a vibrant and healthy community. 

First stop was Grimey's which is my favorite record store in Nashville. (Side note: they also have a water fountain in store so that was part of the reason I stopped.) I priced out some records that are on my list to buy.

My next stop was at my all-time favorite book store, The Bookshop. Joelle, the owner, was there and as always she gracefully took time out of her day to give me personal recommendations based on what I was looking for.
She gave me a human recommendation not one given to me by an algorithm.
I ended up leaving with ‘The Bear’. A book about grief, love and our connection with nature. As I neared the end of the book, I found myself slowing down as much as possible to savor every word. Even going back and reading some passages aloud to myself. Highly recommend reading it. 
the bear bookshop
Was this a waste of time? Maybe to some.

I'm aware my small daily actions won't be the stone that knocks Goliath out. 
That isn't what I'm after.

What I am after is to enrich my human experience and on this day I did just that.

Here's a map of the route: 
nashville running
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