Restoring World War I Boots

Restoring World War I Boots


Through an estate sale, I acquired a pair of leather riding boots from World War I.

Leather riding boots were worn by members of the U.S. Cavalry Units during World War I.

Horses were used during WWI for logistical support and reconnaissance, as well as for pulling equipment such as field guns, supply wagons and ambulances.

These boots are over 100 years old. The leather was dried out and cracking in many places. They were in desperate need of some TLC.

When leather is in this bad of shape, it's easy to throw them away. However, it's important to preserve these artifacts.

Preserving history promotes nostalgia and research has shown that nostalgia is good for us. It reduces stress, loneliness, and anxiety.

These artifacts contains stories. They are a connection to our past.

Using Blackrock, I restored the life back into these boots and preserved this important piece of American history.

Watch the full video below.