Why You Should be Conditioning Your Leather

Why You Should be Conditioning Your Leather

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Leather is an investment and is used everywhere. It is used to make boots, purses, wallets, car seats, saddles, and other items. If you own leather goods, you invested a lot of money into them and want it to look good.

The good news: when treated correctly, you can keep your leather looking great and also get decades of use out of it! 

All leather is a skin, and just like we do for our own skin, it will need to be cared for and moisturized to prevent it from drying out which will lead to cracking. While using your leather, it is exposed to different conditions and leather begins to lose moisture. Once moisture is lost, leather starts to dry out and this can cause it to crack because the fibers will lose their strength. 

Shoe polish will make your leather look shiny, but it doesn’t actually do anything to repair any damage or, more importantly, prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

To avoid damaging leather and having it dry out and crack, a leather conditioner is needed.

A high-quality leather conditioner is designed to nourish the leather which will preserve and strengthen it. 

Here are some benefits to conditioning your leather: 

1) Prevents Cracking:

As mentioned above, conditioning your leather will prevent it from cracking. Because leather can no longer replenish itself with the necessary oils, leather conditioner will replace the oils it needs and nourish the leather to extend the leather's life. 

A good conditioner will likely have a thick liquid consistency similar to a gel. This allows for the conditioner to penetrate the leather and be easily absorbed deep into the leather while it is applied instead of remaining on the surface. 

2) Restores Beauty:

By replenishing the leather's oils, this restores the natural beauty of your leather. Using a conditioner, will bring back the rich luster that was lost through everyday use and will restore the beauty the leather had when you first bought it. 

3) Remove Scratches:

Although you try to avoid it, through heavy use, your leather is likely to be damaged and get scratched up. A good conditioner will be able to remove surface scratches on the leather and get it back looking new again. 

4) Water Repellency:

Without hurting the breathability of the leather, a conditioner will help repel water and reduce water absorption into leather. This helps protect the leather if you are caught in a rainstorm or other conditions where your leather is exposed to water. 

As you can see there are many benefits to conditioning your leather. With a small amount of care, you can keep your leather goods looking great and enjoy many years, if not decades, of use out of them!

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Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about caring for your leather goods! 

We want to help you protect your investment!

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