Winter Weather Leather Care

January 22, 2024

Easy Steps for Winter Weather Leather Care

Winter Leather Care

Nothing in your wardrobe takes more of a punishment during winter than your boots.

During winter you put them through an array of elements including: rain, snow, sleet, and the most harmful of all salt.

If you want to ensure the lifetime of your investment, follow these easy steps and your boots will be ready to go all winter.

1) Allow the boots to air dry

Most likely, your boots are going to be wet. The best way to dry them is to allow them to air dry.

To help them dry, insert some shoe trees to help absorb moisture. If you don't have shoe trees using newspaper will work as well.

Never put your leather boots near or over a direct heat source such as a space heater, fireplace, or blow dryer for an extended period of time.

These may seem like good ideas for a quick drying method, but they will be harsh on the leather outside of your boots as well as the glues and stitching holding the layers together.

So be patient and give the boots time to dry between wearing them.

2) Brush Your Boots

An overlooked aspect of boot maintenance is brushing.

Leather is a skin that has pores that need to breathe. Those pores can dry out and crack if they are clogged from snow, dirt, and salt.

Using a quality horsehair brush will help you to clean off the leather and clear the pores of any clogging elements.

Remove the laces and brush the boot clean until you are confident it's clear of any elements.

Brushing your boots is important for the next step of conditioning.

3) Condition the Leather

Now it is time to nourish the boots.

Unlike our own skin, leather has no way to rehydrate itself. Applying a leather conditioner will rehydrate the leather keeping it soft and supple.

Conditioning will extend the life in your leather and keep it looking its best.

There are plenty of conditioners out there so find what you like best. Be sure to test it on the leather first to avoid any darkening.

Our Leather N Rich is uniquely formulated to work on any color leather without darkening.

Our product will clean, condition, and preserve the leather while working as a water repellant.

4) Repeat and Don't Neglect

Sometimes it feels like winter lasts forever.

You will need to repeat these steps depending on the elements and conditions you put your boots through.

Neglecting your boots may cause irreversible damage. It's best to take the necessary precautions to keep your boots looking their best and ready to go.

Following these easy steps will help ensure your boots last a lifetime.

Quality leather boots are made to handle any conditions, but caring for them properly will ensure they stand the test of time.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you care for your boots!

I'm always happy to help.

Stay warm!

Written by Thomas