Core Values

These values guide everything I do at Blackrock.

1) Deliver Quality Products

Don't cut corners. Quality trumps quantity. I work hard to deliver products that Grandpa Jake would be proud of.

2) Conservation

In addition to preserving and protecting leather goods, I am focused on helping preserving and protecting nature. I will give back to my local community through grassroots organizations. Find an issue. Take a stand. Support a cause.

Learn about Blackrock's 2021 conservation mission here.

3) Improve Daily

I am not perfect but I am getting better each day.

4) Connection over consumption

Build community and relationships. Not just the company's bottom line. I desire to put people over profits.

5) Heritage  

I am nostalgic but forward thinking. I love old buildings and historic downtowns. Preserving these places matter and I believe that strongly.

I'm proud that Blackrock is headquartered in a building built in the 1930s. I am keeping American manufacturing alive in a building that once bustled with it.

6) Support Local

When my grandfather started Blackrock, he owned a small retail store called Christian Brothers Western Store. I saw firsthand how small business works and why it matters.

Independent stores make a community unique and vibrant. The owners of these stores aren't flying to space. They are making a living doing something they love.

Independently owned and operated business matter. They are still the heartbeat of this company and I want to support them in any way I can.

7) Sustainability

It's simple: everything we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. We must work to preserve what we have for future generations because we are all interconnected.

I want to minimize my impact on the environment.

The first step has been reducing waste through the packaging Blackrock uses. Each container of Blackrock is fully recyclable and every 4 ounce jar is made from post consumer recycled material.

9) Golden Rule

It's simple. Treat our customers how I want to be treated.

10) Made in USA

For me, it's quality over quantity. Cheap imports and mass produced goods won't cut it here.⁣

Buying American made products supports local communities.⁣

The money goes back into the local economy employing my friends and neighbors rather than going overseas.